What is the most satisfying moment?
* * *
I was impressed by the quote of my buddy yesterday. “I’m completely satisfied just by having my favorite person laugh.” I was happy and thought that was great. It’s essential that someone’s smile makes me happy.
What is the moment when you are satisfied that you don’t need anything more?
I’m ・・・・Oh, it’s very similar to my buddy. (Lol) When I’m talking and laughing and drinking with someone I love, I guess. It doesn’t have to be a luxury French restaurant, or if you want, it’s enough at my own house.” Spending time with someone I love” is my greatest joy.
And if I had to pick one more time, it would be when I’m hugging my husband. He’s like my charger. Just by hugging him, I am filled and healed. It’s like we’re in the same boat, like we’re complementing each other.
Knowing that moment when you are satisfied is invincible. Thank you for this wonderful lesson, buddy.