Live your life with the feelings you love
* * *
Using a notebook to express myself deeply is a process of self-care for me and how I connect with my inner self.
This morning, I unfolded my notebook and wrote down my thoughts from yesterday. I put my Hermes coffee cup and my favorite fruits down on the table and grabbed my pen, while trying to contain my excitement. Yesterday, I was feeling very motivated, like “I can do anything!” Everything I saw was beautiful, and I even felt as if everything that’s happening in the world was intended for me.
I wanted to feel this way for as long as I could, so I wrote it down in a notebook so that I could remember it over and over again.
Feelings are easy to forget, aren’t they? If I get even a little anxious or frustrated, the pleasant feeling I had just felt will disappear at once. That’s why you need to put it in record in case that happens. Just like when you get lost in the forest and you need a landmark to help you go back, your notebook can be a landmark for you.
The feelings I love don’t happen just by waiting for them. You can feel it, but not often enough. Therefore, you have to bring yourself back to that ideal feeling on your own.