Happy Birthday to me♡

ネイルサロン本店の設立、エコ活動とクラウドファンディングのスタート、アート活動の始動、海外進出、YouTube開設、グループ会社「A.O」と「ELLa」の設立。「MAISON de DEAR」の誕生。…そしてこのブログの開設。1年でどれだけのことをスタートさせたのだろう。





Today is my birthday. For the past year, I’ve been able to follow my passion and spend my days I feel too fulfilled.
Looking back, I think this year was a great year as I changed obviously.
I established a nail salon head office, started eco activities and crowdfunding, started art activities, expanded overseas, created a YouTube channel, and established the group companies “A.O” and “ELLa”. Birth of “MAISON de DEAR”. … And the opening of this blog. How many things have I started in a year?
It was undeniably thanks to the people around me that I was able to achieve so many of the things that I wanted to do. I couldn’t have done everything without the support of everyone who cooperated with my vision and supported me. I really appreciate it. Thank you.
For the year that starts today, I want to continue to make more of my dreams come true for everyone who supports me. I’m glad to hear that people think I am awesome!, and more than anything, I’m happy that my changes will make their dreams come true.
People cannot live alone. No one is perfect, and that’s why we can grow into an enriching life for each other by supporting and complementing each other.
From now on, I will keep this in mind and do my best to do what I can do.
Looking forward to spending more time with you.