Understanding the Self
* * *
Yesterday, I spent the morning shooting…
Producing is one of my calling. It’s chock-full of my favorite elements.
Being able to work as a team, make good decisions, create beautiful things, and see the results clearly…these are the things that excite me. I know myself very well, and I figure out what situations I can put myself in to maximize my performance.
…If I had to pick just one reason why I’m doing well right now, this is it. Because I understood who I am rather quickly. I think I’m getting better at handling myself, and that’s why I’m able to act like my ideal self.
In other words, don’t think of yourself as being alone. There are always two selves: the one I can’t change (the unconscious self) and the other one I want to control (the conscious self).
Because if you think there are two of them, you’ll be able to understand how to get them to associate well together.
Humans are deep but simple creatures, and I’m sure we can handle its intricacies.