Eat and Drink Heartily.
* * *
Yesterday, I had dinner at a steak restaurant in Roppongi called “Benjamin”.
I was craving meat!
When I want to eat meat = when I’m fired up for work. What I want to eat depends on how I feel. When I have a meat craving in a row, I think to myself, “Let’s go on a journey to calm my mind.” Whether it’s a meat day, a veggie day, a sweet day, or a day I don’t want to eat, it’s all good. Just like I embrace all of the emotions that arise inside of me, I’m going to embrace all of the things I want to eat. Because for me, comfort isn’t about not eating meat or abstaining from sweets. It’s living according to my heart. Don’t get caught up in actions, but focus on being.
I am full of energy. Pour lots of love into the world today.