Spend time with loved ones is the Reward of Life.
* * *
After the wine party, I was very touched by the gifts I received from everyone.
They were all my favorites, and it made me happy to know that they understood Yuki Mukai. Thank you, everyone.
I was able to talk to loved ones for 5.5 hours, giving them a wide range of business advice and discussing the “mechanism of this world” that is too deep. It is worth telling because everyone is good at receiving. It was very meaningful because we were able to talk about things that could only come from a close-knit group of people. In my opinion, the best part of this meeting was being able to share the rich experience with everyone. This time will be etched in everyone’s mind and will remain strong. For me, who thinks that sharing memories with loved ones is the most luxurious thing in the world, the wine party is a Reward from God. I’ll never forget any scene. I love you all.