Reality is an illusion. Reality is love.
* * *
Reality is an illusion. And yet, reality is there for us to feel love.
Feeling is not a passive thing. It is something that you intend and go to feel.
So, in order to feel love, you have to look at the world with that attitude and realize that there is love here. It’s not just love. Kindness, joy, comfort… it’s all the same. We need to control ourselves so that we can see, look for, and feel what is in reality.
We see only what we want to see. We feel only what we want to feel. The person next to you sees the world as he likes it. And then, you should decide what you want to see and watch it. It’s like watching your favorite movie.
I’m going to find a lot of love in the illusion of reality tomorrow. Even if it’s just my misunderstanding, I will feel love on my own. Because reality, which is an illusion, can never control my heart….