Ironic Reality. The past you want to forget cannot be thrown away.
* * *
I think that seemingly negative events can remind us of our forgotten (and tried to forget) past. When those events happen, it’s important to face them properly and let them digest.
The person I was trying to forget was my childish self. I was always good atreading between the lines, and perhaps because I was raised by my mother who wassuch a goofy like a little girl, I became an adult rather early on in my life. I remember clearly, When I was six years old, I told my mother, who became hysterical and uttered strong words, “You shouldn’t say that to your child.” I was always quick to understand the reality, and I always acted and chose my words based on my understanding of my situation. But I didn’t expect the childish me that had been lurking inside of me to surface now. The world is not going to become a kinder place just because I have been a good girl. I am sometimes disgusted by a world that randomly shows me what’s inside of me.
Although, there is nothing I can do but digest it. Ironically, my helplessness and giving up in a good way make me feel lighter.