Deepen Your Breathing and Be Aware of Your Movements…
* * *
I have a lot of work to do these days. I’m happy to do that, but to keep myself from getting fatigued, I’m proactive about deep breathing, mindfulness, and relaxing scents. When I’m busy, I’m living in my head. It’s like being here, but actually not here. Because when one is present in either the past or the future, one is busy. When you breathe deeply and focus on each movement, the calm returns, you should try it.
The mind and the body are connected, and any discomfort in the mind is expressed in the body, and any discomfort in the body affects the mind. I want to cherish both so that I can do what I want to do to the fullest extent. I started working at 8am today, but I’m supposed to finish at 10pm. I’m happy to live a life that’s hard but fun.