Worries should be shared by couples.
* * *
The lemon tree goes indoors due to too much heat. My husband is overly worried about the lemon tree. He pushes the flowerpot on wheels to the shade in the middle of the day and moves it where the sunlight shines in the evening. It’s probably the most overprotected lemon tree in the world. (Instead I’m worried.)
He worries about everything, whether it’s work, cleaning, or the dog, and he does it with care.
On the other hand, I worry less about these things because I care more about efficiency.
I know that Worrying is a shared responsibility of husband and wife. My husband worries about what I don’t do, and he doesn’t worry about what I worry about. We have a give and take relationship. That’s married life.
So when he worries too much and it seems like he’s having a hard time, I’m going to try to actively worry about him too. I’m still not used to how to worry, but if it makes him easier, I’ll try my best.