Change fashion by the time, place and the occasion. That will show your politeness and kindness.
When I choose to wear casual clothes, I feel like a naughty girl.
So excited and start to choose the food like chips, which I usually won’t choose.
The good point of casual clothes is no need to think about stain. I even can run around.
However, when I wear the casual clothes, I cannot go to the place where formal wear is required. That could be the bad point. Sometimes, because of the casual clothes, I cannot follow my sudden idea. Also, casual clothes make me look like a teenager.
We should choose the clothes by where we go. That will be the manners not only to the place but also to the people who enjoying that atmosphere.
I have once faced a situation at the Ritz Carton in London, that a man wearing no tie could not enter the restaurant. He was kicked out from the restaurant by the restaurant manager.
I was so impressed that the manager didn’t allow anyone who was unappropriated.
The manager saved the image of the restaurant by not choosing the person with bad manners. Even though he could be a rich man.
Sometimes, welcoming everyone won’t be a kindness to those who have manners.
We should not focus what we can earn right now, so that we can keep the traditional image.
The restaurant or the hotel which has a long tradition, they have their own rules to preserve it.
How about you. What’s important thing in your life?
For me, I’d like to put myself in a new environment with a high respect for the other people and the tradition.