The past that failed my fashion career. The place where I arrived without originality.
* * *
The Moment Pearl series launched. It’s selling like hot cakes! The pearl quality of DEAR is Premium. I wanted them to be of high quality that I wouldn’t be ashamed to wear anywhere, so I did my best! I want to become a more “fashionable”.
Looking back, I’ve always liked fashion. When I was in high school, I attended a special class called Fashion Design. All of my classmates were able to create designs with a unique style, as if they were studying at Bunka Fashion College. But I didn’t have that kind of personality, so I thought it wasn’t suitable for designers. I couldn’t think of a design that hands grew out of clothes, and I didn’t understand what was good about designing socks differently. So, after 3 years of training, I gave up on my fashion career. After all, my brand’s philosophy was at a level that anyone could think of.
…But now I understand. I was the person who provided what everyone needed. I know what the women around me want. I really understand what I want and what I think is cute. So DEAR will be designed for you dear. So that you love yourself and have more fun…