To be more beautiful 10 years from now Polish both inside and out.
(Aging Gracefully: Beauty from Within)
* * *
It wasn’t until I turned 30 that I became aware of the importance of making my hands look good.
I started handling jewelry and taking pictures of them more often, I have come to take care of dryness and nails. High-end creams contain a lot of serum ingredients in them, so I recommend them for people in their 30s, who needs to use anti-aging soon. As with anything, there is nothing better to take action early. I wish I could change my daily habits into beautiful ones, little by little. Instead of doing something that feels hard, go for something that is fun, likeable, and comfortable…
By the way, what I value is Diet, Sleep, Stress-free Life, Moisturizing, etc…. The inside comes out on the outside, so even if you only mend the front, it’s useless if the inside is not in order. It’s always the things you can’t see that are more important.