死ぬよりマシ。Rather to live or rather to die.



Nobody know, but I cry quite often when I stay alone.It’s not because I’m feeling sad, but because of my heart moving and telling me that this is a miracle.
If I miss this life, I cannot try anymore. But right now, luckily, I have a life. That’s why I can choose anything and can try everything as I want. This is a miracle. Don’t you think?I like the phrase “rather to live.” because it’s so true. If I have a life, even any unbelievable moment happens, I have a power to change. This is the reason that I never say “rather to die.”Some people who say “I’d rather to die.” they might don’t know how to change this moment and just choosing between “to live” or “to die”
When you feel like saying “I’d rather to die.” just grab your purse, get out and catch the train. Go on a short trip, let you eat everything as you want, feel free to use all of the money you have and after that I’m sure that you’ll say “I rather to live.”Anything can happen in your life. Just remember that “life is choices.”There are plenty of choices if you don’t give up yourself.