The idea that “Yuki Mukai is a Work”
* * *
I’ve been shooting every week for this blog lately. Shooting is difficult, but it’s very rewarding and fun. It may sound weird, but I don’t think “Yuki Mukai” belongs to me alone. Everyone supports me so that I’ll fly high around the world and affect many lives. It’s a hope for everyone. I know everyone is expecting me, Yuki Mukai show them the world that they cannot reach by themselves (I guess), and I will respond to that feeling 120%. Since I can do it.
So I’m very careful about how I spend my time. Sometimes I’m doing roles that I’ve delegated to others. Then that night, I reflect on “Why I did this.” I have to do what I can only do. It’s the same with the writing on this blog. There is no substitute. No one but me. Also spend time on beauty and health. I have to be careful about what I eat and how much exercise I do. It’s a job, a duty and a responsibility.
It’s not hard to live for others. I feel the joy of being needed, which makes me happy, and it’s a great feeling to create something together.
…Everyone is looking forward to what will happen to the work “Yuki Mukai”.