Lunch Habits For Glowing, Youthful Skin♡
* * *
For lunch, I often opt for bread. I hate getting sleepy in the afternoon and don’t eat heavy stuff like meat, fish, rice, etc. I am careful to eat moderately. If I am full, I won’t be able to get anything!
My idea of ” 4 Lunch Habits For Beautiful Skin ” is…
1.Take a meal with carbonated water. I’m full with a smaller amount than usual.
For carbonated water, I like Perrier. However… Since I refrain from using PET bottles, I am considering a server that can make carbonated water.
2.Take carbohydrates and recharge your energy!
Most of my lunch is composed of bread. It’s important to have a light meal. I don’t mean bread with a lot of butter, but something with rye or whole wheat flour- something a little bit healthier.
If I ate a good lunch and cut back on dinner, it helped me lose weight!
On the contrary, if you don’t eat carbohydrates at lunch, you’ll want sweets at snack time.
Carbohydrates are not as scary if you carefully monitor the amount♡
3.Regularly eat foods such as avocado, cheese, eggs, and vegetables that are suitable for beauty.
What I eat everyday is avocado and egg, and quinoa. I eat it as a salad or on bread.
I like it because it improves bowel movements and improves rough skin.
In the past, I used to eat fermented foods such as natto and kimchi, and my skin was better then. I’ll give them another try.
4.Make a lunch list that is good for beauty and make it a routine.
Make beauty, eating and working a habit.
It would be nice if the menu that came to mind was a healthy one. If it’s bad for you, you have to be patient and reconsider other healthy foods.
So if you find something healthy, make a note of it. It’s also convenient when you don’t have time to choose.
I thought about it like this.
What kind of beauty habits do you have? Please feel free to sound off below..