A master of the language.
I have found my book at DAIKANYAMA TSUTAYA BOOKS. I was dreamed to be a writer since I was a child, so this experience was one of my best I ever had. I’m hoping that I could continue writing books to touch people’s feeling.
My characteristic might not suitable for a writer, though I like arranging words. By changing the position of the words could change people’s life. I’m so impressed about that and would like to do that.
There are various kinds of words like, gentle, terrible, moving and more. What kind of words do you like?
For me, I like words which show “true feelings.” Your heart will sympathize with the true feeling. It will be received by your heart not by arranging words.
The reason why I like “the words with a true feeling” is because people’s real feeling is not only a beautiful side. Various kinds of feelings coming out all the time, and when you match every feeling to the word, it won’t become beautiful. Though, I like that. When I could find a new side of the person, I might feel like I could build a deeper relationship.
From now on, I will call the writer who I respect as a master of language.